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Outstanding Residential Care Home in Reading

Welcome to your home

Moving to Shinfield View is a smooth, simple process.  You can rest assured that we will help you at every step of the way.  Once new residents arrive, settling in is made fun, with regular visits from the team and a gentle acquaintance with your fabulous new surroundings.

We'll show you around the light and airy bar & bistro where you can enjoy, well - anything you like - from our fully-stocked bar or our talented kitchen, it's time to relax and meet the Shinfield family, at your own pace and in your own time.  Look out on or take a walk around our beautiful landscaped gardens and lodge, or pop into the library to pick up a new read.

Our team is focused on supporting residents to enjoy the life they want to, not one that's been decided for them.  We're here to listen, help and have fun.  

Welcome to your home at Shinfield View Care Home
Some of the residents at Shinfield View Care Home enjoying a day out at the seaside

Outstanding Residential Care In Reading

Our Care Promise

Our pledge to all of our residents is based not just on the bare minimum that's required, it is about going further each day in order to achieve positive outcomes for everyone, protect individuals and maintain an exceptional, happy home. 

  • Motivated, highly-trained team  Our people are chosen because they want to care, and be the best at it
  • Promoting Choice   We are there to assist, listen and help. We are always supporting an individual's right to choose
  • Respect & Dignity Everyone is treated with the utmost respect and their dignity always preserved
  • Transparency A collaborative approach means everyone is aware of their choices and has access to expert advice
  • Planning The latest in digital technology heightens our already fastidious care planning

Facilities at Shinfield View

As you should expect, our facilities are second-to-none, there to enhance the daily lives our residents and visiting friends and family.  In continuous collaboration with our residents, we are always looking for what might improve what we have, with the sole focus on the question "does it benefit the people who live at Shinfield View?"

The Shinfield View care home fleet of vehicles

The Shinfield fleet

Getting outside the home is important to our residents and to us.  To make group excursions, maybe to a local site of interest, pub or museum, we have the mighty minibus - comfortable, safe and quiet, it ferries us all over the place serenely.  For those more private or special journeys, we have the chauffeur-driven Mercedes - the choice is yours.

Fine Dining Room

Fine Dining Room

Having a dining room to call your own is - we think - an important part of anyone's life.  That's why we created the Shinfield View fine-dining experience.  It's a place specially for our residents to entertain their friends and family when they would like.  

Beautiful landscaped gardens for entertainment at Shinfield View

Beautiful landscaped gardens

When the weather allows, we head outside for our entertainment.  While our gardens have been beautifully landscaped and planted, but the focus is still on their usability and suitability for our residents.  There is also an easy-access sun terrace on the first floor.

Bar and Bistro at Shinfield View care home

Aragon's Bar Bistro

The bar bistro is a fantastic open space which hosts everything from a morning natter, to our Tiny Feet creche, to the inspired evening events we are so well-known for. Amazing decor, a fully-stocked hotel bar, sumptuous food and a smiling hospitality team, ready to serve.

Hair Salon & Nail Bar

Hair Salon & Nail Bar

Our ever-popular unisex salon and nail bar is there to make our residents look and feel fabulous and to enhance the all-important sense of wellbeing.  With an in-house stylist and nail technician, this is the place to come for all our ladies and gentlemen, for their grooming.

Wellness Spa at Shinfield View care home

Wellness Spa

Treatments such as massage and reiki can do wonders for the mind, body and soul.  Relaxation, stress-busting, or simply something to clear the mind after a fun-filled day - our therapist is here to help you discover what works for you and to look after your spirit as well as your mind and body.

Zumba Classes at Shinfield View care home

Zumba Classes

Zumba classes are a fun way of mixing dance and exercise to keep everyone fit, residents carers and the management team! We all like to get involved with a Zumba class.

Cinema at Shinfield View


A cinema room is not just for watching films on...  You can watch what you like on here and has been a great scene in the past for Wimbledon and other sporting, musical and theatrical events.  Whatever your favourites, from the silver to the small screen, we've got it covered at Shinfield View.

Residents enjoying evening entertainment at Shinfield View care home

Entertainment at Shinfield View care home

Our events

Whatever the weather, you can be guaranteed there will be something going on at Shinfield View.  Even during the lockdown of 2020 we managed to innovate and improvise, making sure that the fun-factor of living at Shinfield View remained.  Families and friends are positively encouraged to join us too.


Our Services

Our focus is on person-centred care and 
championing personal choice, ensuring 
positive outcomes for everyone living
at Shinfield View.

Residential Care in Reading

Our residential care is rated as outstanding by the CQC and is among the top 20 homes in the country.  We are dedicated to providing the best and we are continually developing that offering to promote the independence and freedom of choice of our amazing residents.

Respite Care in Reading

Everything that is available to our long-term residents, but on a short-term basis.  Many people come to try and see what it is like, before staying with us.  Others simply need short term respite or are recovering from an operation.  Whatever the need, talk to us about how we help make the process a simple one.

Exceptional Care in Reading

Whatever the needs of our residents, first and foremost we are here to help people.  Our full assessment is comprehensive and will allow you to ask any questions you have before making the move.  On moving to Shinfield View, you can rest assured that you or your loved one is receiving the best care available at all times.

Care Quality Commission Rating of Shinfield View Care Home

*Last report 14/12/2019

Read Inspection Report profile for Shinfield View Care Home

*Correct as of 19/11/20

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